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Twitter Reacts To Rahul Gandhi’s Rs 70,000 Burberry Jacket.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi was spotted at a rock concert in Meghalaya last evening.  BJP took potshots at Rahul Gandhi over his jacket he was wearing while attending the concert, which is claimed to be nearly Rs. 70,000/-.

BJP Meghalaya Twitter handle twitted with picture:

So @OfficeOfRG , soot(pun intended!)-boot ki sarkar with ‘black’ money fleeced from Meghalayan State exchequer by rampant corruption? Instead of singing away our woes, you could have given a report card of your inefficient govt in Meghalaya! Your indifference mocks us!”

Twitteraties don’t forget things at all. They were quick enough to remind Mr. Rahul Gandhi about the ‘Suit Boot Ki Sarkar’ taunt which he hurled against PM Modi when a similar incident took place where Congress party claimed that Modi was wearing a 10 Lakh rupee suit.

After the social media uproar Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that he borrowed the jacket.

This is how Twitter reacted to Rahul Gandhi’s Rs. 70,000 Burberry Jacket:

DISCLAIMER: This compilation of tweets is purely for fun. We don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. We hope readers will take this sportingly.


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