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WATCH: Dramatic Rescue Of Woman In Raging Flood.

In China’s Jiangxi province a woman survived a raging flood by clinging on to a tree. On January 8th water level rised in Manshuiqiao river and caused flood in Jinagxi province.

A video was captured where we can see a woman clinging on to a tree to save herself from the flow of Manshuiqiao river.  After locals informed about the incident a rescue team was sent to the site to save the woman.

In this video we can see rescuers swimming towards the lady who was holding on to the tree. After they reach the lady they make her wear the life jacket and take her to safe place.

According to People’s Daily, China, the woman was riding her bike on a bridge when she was caught in the raging flood water that swept her bike away.

Watch the video here:


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