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This New Year pledge AN UNINTERRUPTED HOUR A DAY to your children.

In these modern times when you are busy with your day to day life, you forget that you are disconnected with everyone. Even with your loved ones and your family.  

Dukes is ringing the new year with a heartfelt message for parents – give an hour a day to your little one this new year. The initiative #Pledge365, has been conceptualised by Orcomm Advertising. 

The video gets the viewer to walk along with a young boy as he tells his parents about the day’s events, only to realise that they are both preoccupied on the phones. 

Dejected, the boy bares his heart to a friend, a soft toy named Gobo. He asks Gobo to save him from a school bully.

The boy’s mother happens to see this. She realises what has transpired. The film closes with the parents devoting an uninterrupted hour to their child, much to his and their happiness. 

#Pledge365 urges viewers to rethink priorities and stay connected. 

It inspires parents to be present for their children by giving them their undivided time. It is a resolution that can change the quality of relationships in every home.

Dukes weaves in its core philosophy of Waffy Happy into this film, by talking about how quality  time adds to the quality of life.

This initiative is gaining momentum and its the trending subject in India.  Tweeples are talking about it and appreciating this initiative by Dukes Waffy.

You can watch the video here:

Here are some tweets praising this lovely initiative:


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