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7 year old boy found dead in the washroom of Ryan International, Gurugram. 42 year old bus conductor arrested

Schools are supposed to be safe heavens for children. As they grow up, they look up to their school as their second home. School life is often considered to be the most cherishing period of one’s life. And then there are cases like these that horrify parents and give schools a bad name. Recently, the murder of a 7 year old child, Pradyuman has taken the nation by shock. A class 2 student, Pradyuman’s body was found in the school toilet with his throat slit. Sadly, this boy will never return home from his school again.

Ryan International is considered to be one of the good schools of the country. Needless to say it is also one of the costliest. Vinod Chand Thakur dropped off his son and elder daughter at the school gate and watched them go as they waved him a good bye. Just 15 minutes after dropping them off, he received a frantic call from his wife. 30 minutes thereafter he found his boy at the Artemis Hospital.

“They cut my poor boy. The doctors told me the killer stabbed him twice. There was a big scar starting from his ear to the throat. His ear had been cut, and two flaps of skin exposed the insides of his throat. I never thought I would see my son in such a condition,” wailed the disheartened father.

The Gurugram Police has arrested a bus conductor, who worked at the Ryan International school and he has admitted to the murder. The 42 year old conductor assaulted Pradyuman sexually and when he started shouting he slit his throat up to his ear. The accused went to use the washroom where he saw the boy. He tried to abuse him there. When we tried to raise an alarm, he did the unthinkable. The conductor was carrying a large knife in his pocket which was later found lying near the body.

Victim’s father has demanded strict action against the school. “If children are murdered inside schools, how can we leave them there for eight hours”, said Varun. This is one question that is currently on the minds of every parent whose children are going to that school. Parents have also vandalized the school property and also help a sit-in protest at the police commissioner’s office.

This leads to the big question that if not their schools then where are our children safe? A school that charges hefty fees doesn’t take into account the student’s safety. Then for what are the fees charged? A school cannot even create separate washrooms for children and its staff but claims student’s security to be their highest asset by providing surprise visits. Surprise visits? Is that all a school needs to protect the children.

Parents after hearing this news are mortified. Not just of Ryan International but every school. With what hope will they send their children to a place where they’ll be staying for 8 hours when such news circulates? Today parents have lost their son at a place where others grow up and call it a sanctuary. We might write about what is right and wrong, maybe security measures will be taken by schools later on but nothing will bring back Pradyuman to his parents. This is one loss that nothing will ever fulfil. No child should lose their life this way. 

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