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Why Teenagers Are Choosing The Blue Whale Challenge Over Life

16 year old boy committed suicide in Kerala after playing the Blue Whale Challenge.

Ankan Dey, a boy in standard 10th of West Bengal killed himself on 13th August 2017 after playing the Blue Whale Challenge.

A 5th standard student in Dehradun was stopped from committing suicide after he tried to complete the final Blue Whale Challenge.

14 year old Manpreet from Mumbai became India’s first victim who lost his life to the Blue Whale Challenge.

And the number is just increasing every day. One of the things that need to be noticed is the fact that most of the people taking part in this game are teenagers. So the big question is “Why kids are falling prey to this deadly game?”

The 50th and final challenge of the Blue Whale game is the challenge where the participant has to commit a suicide. This challenge is not unknown. Despite knowing the outcome, everyday so many children are taking a step towards this. What is there so attractive in death or suicide for that matter?

Teenage is the most vulnerable period of a child’s life. It is when they start to rebel; when the world still thinks of them as a child, they try to prove to the world that they have grown up enough to understand what’s good for them. It’s a constant battle between mind and brain for them and often the mind takes over. They accept any new change and let their world revolve around it. Same has happened with the Blue Whale game.

In today’s life, the virtual world acts as a best friend in many teenagers’ life. It gives them a sense of freedom. In the virtual world they are free to be the person they are and this gives them an adrenaline boost. “Teenagers generally take these risks because they are vulnerable and prone to seek validation. Also, it makes them feel like they are a part of something that is bigger than them,” Samir Parikh, director of the Department of Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences at Fortis Healthcare, New Delhi, told IANS.

“It has been observed that some teenagers have very low self-esteem, and rely significantly on peer approval. For them, the external environment becomes a source of inspiration, which is why they are willing to do anything to (project) a certain image,” said Sameer Malhotra, director, Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi.

People who are taking up these challenges, specifically do not suffer from any form of depression. It is those people who somewhere have lost track of their goals. In the excitement of trying something new, challenging themselves or pushing their limits, unknowingly they are submerging themselves into this. In the end, either due to fear or loss they are giving up everything.

The internet today is an uncontrolled and uncensored entity. The web of lies and illusion draws vulnerable people into it. What they should know is the very essence of why self harming is not a way of life. What lures them today might not always be the best of options. 

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