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Game Of Death: Truth Behind The Deadly ‘Blue Whale’ Challenge.



Recently we all came across a news. It was about a 14 year old boy who jumped to his death from the roof of an apartment. No suicide note, no signs of depression nor any evidence of teenage drama. But what was there was more deadly than anyone could imagine.

Manpreet Sahani, a 9th standard student had started playing the infamous Blue Whale game. This is what police could collect from his friends who were being questioned. Sahani’s friends recalled him telling them that he has found a new game to be quite interesting and he slowly got quite addicted to it. Little did they know how this very game would in turn claim his life. Needless to say, Manpreet Sahani is the first Indian victim of the infamous Blue Whale game or rather the Blue Whale Challenge.

Let us start by diving into the history of the Blue Whale game. It all started when Philipp Buideken, a psychology student in Russia was expelled from his college. At that time there used to be certain “death groups” in the VKontakte social network. He used this to his advantage and as he claims today, he set out on a mission to clean the society. He wanted to wipe those out from the earth whom he considered as “Biological Waste” or not so worthy of living. Today, Philipp is behind the bars and he is accused of inciting 16 or more teenagers to commit suicide.

Not long ago, a Russian investigation newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported an unlikely phenomenon where more than 130 teenagers had fallen victim to an online game. This instigated a formal investigation which led to the discovery of this poisonous game hidden in the deep dark web.

This online game spans over a period of 50 days. The people participating in it are called the “Challengers”. Challengers are supposed to follow out orders from the administrator and these orders get intense day by day. The initial tasks that are given to the participants are easy. They either have to listen to one song the entire day, watch a horror movie at night, wake up really early or go out for a walk alone at night. Slowly this proceeds towards activities that include self harm where the challenger has to stick needles on his body or write their names with blood and so on. One particular challenge includes carving a whale or other symbols on their body. And the last of them all surpasses the previous ones. On the 50th day, the challengers have to kill themselves.

What’s horrifying is the fact that so many teenagers are falling victim to this psychological manipulation. And not everyone taking up these challenges suffer any kind of emotional instability. They all come from very normal and loving homes. But somehow according to Philipp the term “Biological waste” fits them all and he feels they should be eliminated. Thankfully this monster is now not roaming freely but has this game stopped attracting its audience? The answer is a sad “No”. Children are still falling a victim to it and are being drawn like a magnet. We wonder how many lives are still in danger, how many even knowing the outcomes are still playing it and we can do nothing but question “WHY?”

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