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Pregnant Man Gives Birth to a Girl.

LONDON: A 21-year-old man has become the first in Britain to give birth after he put his sex transition on hold to get pregnant by a sperm donor.

Hayden had been living legally as a man for three years and was already part-way through hormone treatment to transform from a woman to a man.

He had started hormone treatment to complete his transition three years ago, but stopped it in September last year so that he could become pregnant.

Originally he wanted to freeze his eggs on the NHS so that he could have a baby in the future, but medical chiefs refused to authorise the £4,000 procedure. Unable to afford to do it privately, he decided to have a child straight away by finding a sperm donor.

Following the birth, Cross now plans to return to complete his gender realignment as soon as possible.

Cross told The Sun that daughter Trinity-Leigh is his “angel”. Cross gave birth by caesarean.

The girl was born on June 16 at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

The world’s first pregnant man was American Thomas Beatie in 2007. Mr Beatie, from Arizona, was also born female. He went on to have three children using donor sperm.


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