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A 7-Year-Old With An 8-Pack Has Stunned The Internet

Now a days everyone dreams of having a 8 pack abs, a seven-year-old Chen Yi from China’s Zhejiang province is leaving grownups behind as he is already a talented gymnast and can be seen flaunting his perfect eight pack abs. He has shot to fame after pictures of his eight-pack abs became viral on the internet. 

The pictures of Chen Yi were taken on July 2 during a gymnastic game in Hangzhou, the regional capital of Zhejiang.

After competing in the game, the boy was changing to his daily clothing. Onlookers and journalists spotted his muscular body and swarmed to take pictures of him, according to People’s Daily Online.

According to a Facebook post by People’s Daily, China, Chen collected six gold medals and a silver one at a gymnastics competition in Hangzhou.

According to the post, Chen has been training in gymnastics at a professional level since he was five. It was apparently his ‘bravery and jumping skills’ that helped him get selected for gymnastics when he was only in kindergarten.

Chen Yi started walking when he was just 11 months old and by the time he was two years old, he could hold his milk bottle in one hand and pull himself up on a horizontal bar with just one hand. He was recruited at a gymnastics school where he lives and trains five days a week and goes home on weekends.


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