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12 Year Old Boy Steals Bus For A 40 Minute Joy Ride.

In south-eastern Chinese city of Guangzhou a 12-year-old who was caught driving a bus which he stole for a fun ride. Citizens complained to cops when they saw a kid driving the bus but it was only after 40 minutes cops were able to arrest the teen.

According to Shanghaiist, the 12-year-old didn’t hit any pedestrian during his 40-minute-joyride. The young boy got inside the vehicle at the bus terminus in Zengcheng district in Guangzhou and reportedly drove for almost 10 kilometres before cops caught on, South China Morning Post quoted local media. The bus company tracked him using the vehicle’s GPS.

One witness even took a video of the boy driving the bus. In this video we can see glass window of the entry door of the bus is smashed.

He was taken to the local police station by the cops but reportedly no charges were made because of his age.

Watch the video here:

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